Wizard of Oz; Magical Experience

24th to 27th August 2018

In August 2018 the children of Barnet were swept up and away to the magical land of Oz. They helped the Scarecrow find his brain, the Tin Man find his heart, and the Lion find his courage in order to restore magic back to Oz.  When all was right in the world, Glinda was finally able to show them some magic of their very own.

We solved riddles, made magic wands, had our pictures taken with our favourite characters, and learnt the secrets of becoming a real life Wizard!

"If you live near Mill Hill and you're at a loose end, i recommend the Wizard of Oz show at Mill Hill Library which I found out about on the Kidadl app. It's an immersive experience with lots of games and interaction for 3-7 year olds. It was really cute and my 4 year old had lots of fun!"